Terms and Conditions

By registering an account on Naruto Legend Online you accept the following terms and conditions and agree to be observed, not of order binds to the penalties set out below.

& 1. Names.

  • User name can not be vulgar.
  • To be racist, insulting minority and other religions / cultures.
  • You can not impersonate Administrations.
  • You can not impersonate other users to fraud.

All of the above offenses will result in perm ban, or name locked.

& 2. Programs

  • Using bots or / and programs that facilitate the game (autoloot, cave bot, etc..) and do things for us
  • Playing more than one character at the same time (applies also when we leave the game exit and log in to another character)
  • Characters can play at the same time from a single IP only when you are playing two different people on two different accounts.

& 3. Conversations

  • Spamming - lock on the chat or ban.
    * Spam is writing a minimum of 3 times the same in a short period
  • Request to do something contrary to the rules
  • Cheating other players.
  • Cheating authority
  • Notorious non-compliance prevailing in the huts
    * Trade - chat is used for the submission of their bids, there can not discuss or ask for help.
    * Help - chat where you can ask your reasonable questions about the game, which does not know the answer and it is you need. Meaningless questions that you answer can be found on the forum and stupid questions will be considered as spam and penalized.
    * Game-chat - here you can chat with all other players about the game, not due to ask there questions that should be on the Help-Shack. Making spam and littering it will be punished.
    * No insult other users and the use of profanity on the public channels mentioned above. Otherwise you will get notation.

& 4. General

  • If you wish to report a person who uses a bot or any bug should write about this to the Administration, which is now online. If there is noone member from staff then you can create minimum 30 seconds video and put it on the forum / using comand ingame - !report link_to_video
  • On the server, must be respected by the other player. You also have a duty to report any bug encountered.
  • Using bugs or it's weaknesses - ban or perm ban.
  • Pushing others without reason or for fun, if they do they do not want
  • Blocking spawn monsters without a valid reason
  • Stealing loot and killing other player's monsters without a valid reason
  • Hacking others - perm ban.
  • Publishing false screenshots, videos, etc.. - perm ban.
  • Prohibition of commercial for other servers - perm ban.
  • Prohibition of trade characters and items for real money - ban.
    You are allow to do this only for a premium points. Before any transaction please contact with Staff Member.

& 5. Rights

  • Everyone has the right to ask any number of questions that do not know the answer and its needs for Help-Chat.
  • You are entitled to 15 minutes to observe the form of which is not in a protection zone.
  • You have the right to occasional mistakes Chat window and apologizing for it in one message.
  • You have the right to ask the Staff Member for assistance in important cases, for example. bugs or getting stuck somewhere.

Most of above rules result in ban.

Bans length

  • First time - 3 days
  • Second to Fourth time - 30 days
  • Fifth time - delete
  • You can use unban until fourh ban